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Massage, Prostate Massage and Fisting session lasting one hour: €100
€100 per additional hour (€80 reduced rate)
Two fisters: €200 per hour. (€160 reduced rate).

Contact : Rémy
+33 6 64 78 29 52


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Subway métro Porte Dorée, Paris 12, line 8 direction Créteil

Specialist in Prostate massage

One hour of massage, sunsuality, total relaxation and stress elimination, with essential massage oils, from the hands of a handsome, experienced, (9 years) certified and professional masseur, who takes you totally in hand in a clean and zen environment (relaxing, soothing music, dimmed lighting and incense). A relaxing hour, sensual, completely relaxing and anti-stress, california style. Specialist in prostate massage.

Tantra means enlightenment through bliss and is Indian/Tibetan Buddhist in origin. Bliss is achieved through intimate and sensual massage/touch. Tantra promotes the integration and balancing of the body. It releases and moves the powerful Kundalini (sexual) energy, which when experienced will have far reaching effects on all aspects of your life. Tantra can be a very emotional experience and can release and unblock many things particularly relating to sex and sexuality. I am very happy to listen to your experience after the session.

Cleanliness and hygiene guaranteed, attentive to your needs and desires and respectful. Graduate education, we love giving massages and making our clients happy.

I will first offer you a drink, then put you at ease, give you a good shower, wash, soap and dry you, creating a deep intimacy between us. Then I will massage you (mixed Californian massage, shiatsu and tantric styles, with body-to-body massage), relax and unwind you in a calm and soothing atmosphere for 15 to 30 minutes, then massage your prostate for 15 minutes. Then I will dilate and fist you several times over. Then you can take another shower and we'll have another relaxed drink together. Ideal for beginners and the more experienced (I offer double and deep penetration). - handsome, masculine guy, macho but very considerate, likes to take the lead but friendly too - more than 20 years' experience of giving massage and fisting Specialist in gay prostate massage. co

Contact: massagegay@free.fr My studio is in Paris 12e. Métro: Porte Dorée (line 8), Tram: Porte Dorée Please contact me directly on +33 6 64 78 29 52. Appointment booking and information by phone, SMS and WhatsApp.


Fisting is an incredible experience, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. The orgasms and pleasure caused by fisting (whether you are passive or active) are among the most intense that you can ever have.
It's a case of, 'Don't knock it until you've tried it". Whether you are active or passive, you "desire to belong to the other. It is not an act of love: it is beyond that, sublime and indefinable, the height of sensuality." - Estelle. Fist-fucking triggers a flood of endorphins which take away any pain. The ups and downs of these chemicals inside you will cause intense emotional activity, sometimes laughs and joys, sometimes even crying or unexpected and explosive releases of emotions.
FF requires a high degree of trust between partners. For some it represents the most "intimate and intense" sexual act. When fisted you feel an impression of being filled, of overflowing, of being invaded. You experience an indescribable ecstasy.
Many practitioners speak of it in mystical terms: "deep intimacy", "fusing together in love", "blending into the universe". Some describe "flashes of ecstasy", "feelings of extreme belonging", "deep stirrings". It's one of the strongest sexual experiences.
The passage of the fist into the anal sphincter or vagina marks an intense, even violent moment that overwhelms you. Fistees talk about it in glowing terms.
FF is not straightforward or self-explanatory. It takes great mental work. It often provokes repulsion and disgust in outside observers. Since it is not always easy for a woman or a man to be the passive partner in anal sex, it isn't hard to imagine how the idea of having multiple fingers or a fist in the vagina or anus can be problematic. Symbolically it marks a second loss of virginity and a whole new barrier to be overcome. The asshole and anal sex are no longer dirty or shameful, but the stage for a kind of pleasure beyond words. It is there in that forbidden place that we get off.

How long does it take?

It depends how much training you do. If you are only used to taking something the size of a big dick, it can take weeks or even months before you are ready to take a fist. On the other hand, if you have already played with larger toys, you are on the right track. Ignore anyone who tells you that gay men who fist too often end up with an asshole that is constantly open and messed up, such that they have to wear nappies/diapers. Even if it is dilated very regularly, the anal sphincter retains its original elasticity.

Creating an Atmosphere

Music, subdued lighting, scents, an erotic atmosphere and the optional use of aromas help create the right conditions. I'll play ambient, repetitive music or possibly techno, but quiet enough so we can hear each other. We will reach a calm, warm, comfortable place together. We will put a plastic or cotton sheet on the bed. Candles will be placed all around the scene where fisting will happen. It will be hot. We'll create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and sensuality. This is an intense time and nothing should disturb it. Breathing Before starting, we need to relax and breathe slowly to free body and mind. Fisting is not just a series of mechanical actions. We must fill each caress and everything we do with sensuality. Above all, both partners must breathe deeply. We use our mouths for tantric breathing which is slow and aims to fill and empty the lungs. It is particularly good at reducing heart rate and freeing us from stress. Good fisters are in such close communication with their fistees that they immediately understand not only their partners' bodily reactions, but everything that goes on in their heads too. Creative foreplay is essential before a good fisting, as it relaxes and eroticizes everything. We will not leave out the basics, such as giving head and rimming. It is good to massage the vagina and anus first with long circular gestures around the opening, cherishing and caressing it.

Anatomy: Anus, Rectum and Pelvic Colon

The walls of the anus are rich in nerves and blood vessels. The anus and rectum have many more pleasure-giving nerve endings than the vagina - and in any case, what nerve-endings the vagina does have are all at its opening. More to the point, men's prostates are their pleasure zones and the equivalent of the female G-spot.

Fisting: the very first time

The first few times you get fisted, it isn't easy. It's best to do things gradually, to do it night after night, week after week. Several sessions will often be necessary. Dildos and butt plugs (i.e. dildos that are specially shaped to stay in place once inserted) are generally used to open the anus more widely at the start of play. The fistee can help penetration by pushing on their diaphragm - as long as they don't force too much!
Over time, self-confidence increases and the pleasure increases tenfold. Without realizing it, you become more accepting and freer from inhibitions. In this regard, the fister can feel just as blocked as the fistee! It can be a shock for the fister to see and feel their hand in another person's body. Also, the ass is still a taboo part of the body. But we must not lose sight of the fact that the purpose of fisting is to give pleasure, not suffering, and the mucous membranes should not be overly traumatized.
Losing your fisting virginity is an art. You should not expect to fist a novice completely during the first few sessions. It is best to be advised (or taken in hand) by an expert. You can also watch some FF porn videos to get an idea, although you need to bear in mind that the performers in these are professionals. As a fister, it is essential to stop as soon as the fistee says so. No one should be forced to do anything. This is a time for getting in touch with yourself and your desires. Fistees should not hesitate to express their wishes and expectations, so as to direct play. How fast should the fister go? How should they move or turn their hand? This is a game for two (or more), but it is the fistees who guide the action as best they can. Even if the passive partner wants the fister's hand removed quickly, the fister has to go slowly, as a quick withdrawal can be painful, and then you will need to find a way to deal with the fistee's spasms. Instead the fistee should breathe deeply and relax, as this will stop the spasms and pain. The fistee should help the fister. It is a good idea to practice with an active-versatile partner who will have a better idea of what feels good. Unfortunately there are some active fisters who hurt the fistee and are not sufficiently attentive to them. "Many active fisters don't know how to work an ass. They put their hands in without doing the proper work, which is frustrating. It isn't that they are dangerous so much as annoying. They perform badly, but it seems as though no one has ever given them their marching orders. Even if they have fisted for several years they still need to learn, and someone needs to tell them this." - Thierry. Once your hand is gloved and well-greased, apply it with a large palm to relax the anus then begin to work around it. Tickle it and caress it. Take your time. With patience, the muscles of the external sphincter will relax and beg you to enter. To stretch it gradually, insert a finger very calmly and go on a sort of reconnaissance mission in order to find the most sensitive points. As your partner starts to get excited, you can gradually push in a second finger. Be patient. That's two fingers in. Wait a few minutes. Then three fingers: play, explore and take your time. Gently withdraw and add lubricant. Four fingers ought now to fit easily. Explore the surrounding area with a circular movement and stimulate it by slowly inserting the thumb, finally initiating penetration with your entire hand.
Once at this level, your fistee's ass will be getting greedier and greedier. After the entry of each finger, repeat this movement by adding a slow back and forth. Once the anus is accustomed to four phalanges, the fister can start working with his thumb without any problems.
When you feel that the ass is open and ready, withdraw your hand slightly as the thumb enters. Add lubricant with the gloved free hand, tighten your fingers against each other then fold the thumb inside the other fingers as though you wanted to turn them into a huge dildo inside the ass of your partner.
Don't be shy with the lubricant. The more you put in, the easier the insertion will be and the more receptive the fist will be. The back-and-forth movements should not be too fast, otherwise a tightening occurs which is a normal reflex of the anus. It is the hand's back-and-forth motion that opens the ass. The ass is designed to expel what is inside, and the more you excite it, the more it will expel you. And the more it ejects you, the more you can return.
After pressing your fingers back together, slowly insert your hand into the ass. The best method is to give a regular and measured push. Never be brutal. The muscle then relaxes as the hand progresses. If this is not the case and the pain is too great for the fisted person, you then need to withdraw and let them rest.

A Fister's Manual

Here are 10 tips from La Fistinière for good fisting. (La Fistinière is a fantastic fisting club: http://www.lafistiniere.fr/)
- Hands in good condition. Have your nails neatly cut and filed. Eliminate all the rough edges, hard skin and anything that can get caught. Hands should be clean.
- Cleanliness. Wash hands and forearms well (and arms for deep fisting), scrubbing them with soap as well as under the nails. Once your hands are clean, do not touch anything other than the lubricant and your partner's body in order to avoid getting bacteria and microbes on your hands and transmitting them during penetration. This applies even when wearing gloves.
- Lubricate well. Use sufficient lubricant, gel and/or cream, to facilitate sliding and penetration. - Presence. Establish contact with the other with caresses on the body, using words and eyes. "Connecting" with the fistee is essential.
- Opening up. This is the key to success! You need to dilate the anus gently, gradually, using the fingers of both hands if possible, with flexible, slow and firm movements, detecting any tensions so that you can smooth them. Avoid any rapid, piston-like back-and-forth movements, as these will contract the anus rather than dilating it. Opening up well will make muscles flexible and receptive to more hardcore, boxing-style movements.
- Listen. Always listen to others, their reactions, their needs. The ass can take a lot, but you have to be careful. To bring your partner to orgasm you need to make the movements they want and adopt the rhythm they want at the time they want.
- Reassure your partner. By all means do this with words, but hand movements are even better. The deep work must be done slowly enough for your fingers to probe and stretch the rings of the intestine and open them. Above all, avoid "hitting the bottom and forcing", as it is risky.
- Surveillance. Always ensure that the fistee is happy and the ass is in good condition without bleeding (although seeing the hand come out with lubricant of a slightly pink color on it is sometimes normal). The fister must have all his wits about him so as to avoid making mistakes which can turn out to be serious or even fatal.
- Do not rush. Avoid friction between the bones of the hand and those of the pelvis and coccyx. Hand movements should follow the partner's anatomy, dilating without forcing. If there is tension, try to relax it with slight pressure and circular movements, like a massage, without forcing it. The membranes are strong but fragile.
- Rhythm. Adapt the rhythm and speed of fisting to the flexibility of the ass and the wishes of the fistee. Fisting is the penetration of several fingers or the whole hand into the anus.

Contact : Rémy
+33 6 64 78 29 52


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Subway métro Porte Dorée, Paris 12, line 8 direction Créteil